Derick Gant is a Performance Coach that is extremely driven to deliver results every day. He is passionate about delivering his knowledge and experience, helping others achieve their best. His Gift is the ability to recognize and clearly advise others how to monetize their skills and achieve the life of their dreams. As an expert coach, he takes complicated concepts and delivers them in understandable terms. He is most knowledgeable about producing results, mentally, physically, and financially.

“If you control your MIND, everything else falls at your feet.”

He teaches that there are millions of people making money, but only hundreds keeping it! His programs, books, and video’s teach you how to deliver your A-Game everyday while keeping the profits.  He works with high achievers, warriors, people that never say die; men and women that have a bigger vision for themselves, but have yet to live their dreams.

People that prosper in his programs are doing great things but they are missing some vital steps to the next level. Derick teaches that in today’s market, you have to separate yourself and bring your most authentic package. Your Delivery, Image, Message, and your Money all have to be 100% on point. He is relentlessly committed to excellenceand knows that consistency breeds results. Effort is meaningless without Results! No one ever remembers the guy that tried!