Dr. Sheila Austin, is the Alabama of Montgomery College of Education Dean. Dr. Austins office oversees the four academic units and their programs; furthermore, it is responsible for the administrative support in the areas of assessment and evaluation. The Dean’s Office collaborates with the local business and the educational community for the purpose of enhancing partnerships and student placement opportunities. 

Dr. Austin is a dynamic leader committed to inspiring and equipping leaders around  the world.  Her vision and contagious energy ignite others to create cultures where people are empowered to make a positive change within themselves and the organizations they lead. 

She is a transformational leader who is living her purpose as she shares her insights for creating results-oriented, high-performing teams. Dr. Austin’s transparency and courage to tackle the difficult conversations energizes and inspires hope to those seeking to be leaders worth following.


Pasquale (Pat) Giammarco’s vision wasn’t just to serve pizza, it was to serve quality pizza—and have people keep coming back for more. It worked! What was one store in the Toledo area is now over 900 stores across 35 states and 4 countries. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing pizza companies in America.

Founded in Oregon, Ohio, just outside of Toledo, we’ve been serving primo pizza since 1978. We got here by doing things the Italian way, because when your founder is a native Italian, you take pride in serving authentic Italian quality. Our dedication to quality has made us one of the fastest growing pizza chains in America, providing plenty of primo moments and opportunities along the way.


Financial mentor, author, speaker and trainer, Jen Fontanilla, entered the financial services industry as an advisor almost 14 years ago because she realized that learning money management skills was never taught in school. And when it came to money, she knew there was a ton of confusing information out there that left people even more confused! 

Being passionate about financial wellness and literacy, her purpose is to bring clarity to people’s financial situation, figure out a plan of action and empower them to make better decisions with their money.

“Typically I work with professional and solopreneur women who have the challenge of not understanding where their money is going or where to put it, unsure if they’re setting up their finances the right way and are stressed about the whole thing.  I help them understand all the moving parts involved by creating a plan of action with goals so they can breathe because they know exactly what to do now and can move on with their busy lives. Now they feel secure and relied and can better focus on their passion and purpose.”

Jen absolutely loves inspiring others and in addition to speaking, she is a co-author of four Amazon #1 Bestselling books.  With a fifth book in production, she is currently finishing her upcoming one, “Do Before I Do”, which empowers couples to have open conversations about money, avoid fights and breakups, and create a blissful financial future together.


John Henry Livingston provides strategic solutions assisting organizations sustain the motivation required to take a good idea through change and transform it into something great. Idea + Strategy + Motivation + Change = Great. I inspire leaders to become transformational through the empowerment and inspiration of others. When you can’t be there, or don’t have the time, the Whirlwind can.

He is a certified facilitator/trainer on engagement and discovery-based learning, motivational speaker, and branding change strategist.

He has been a marketing and communication professional and public speaker for over 30 years, and former marketing director at Marco’s Pizza. He is the founder of Whirlwind U Motivational Institute, a full-service branding and training agency, Lifeplan of Toledo on Leadership for Teens, and does seminars and training for organizations centered on strategy execution with an emphasis on branding and change.

John’s recently completed the development of a new seminar and training tool called: The Fifth Power Whirlwind Learning & Training System for Change. The project has been nearly 15 years in the making and incorporates Whirlwind motivational principles that create paradigm shifting thought processes targeting traditional thinking on change. Its intellectual properties are unique to Whirlwind seminars and training and designed to create a unique learning experience to help organizations become a culture of creative excellence. Whirlwind self-discovery disciplines were used during training seminars at ProMedica and for other corporate clients.

John and his wife will celebrate being married for 41 years in August and have one daughter and four grandchildren.